Abicalcados, Brazilian Footwear, Brazil, Roberta Ramos, Project Manager, Ruisa Korndorfer-Scheffel, Trade Promotion Unit’s Analyst:

We are very happy with the visitors’ flow at the fair. We tried many platforms in China to present our companies, but CHIC is the best platform for us and we will continue with our activities here, coming back in October to CHIC and parallel working together with consultants finding the right locations for our brands in China. We have got our own PR agency in China, but we join our forces with CHIC to push our brands into the Chinese market. We are active here since 2009 and now the people get to know us and develop serious interest in our brands.

Chamber of Commerce the Netherlands, Enterprise European Network, Fabienne Schoesetters, Fatma Sener, International Business Consultants (Dutch Pavilion):

It is our first time at CHIC, we presented 20 brands at the show. It is an interesting platform with a lot of wholesalers, buyers, agents. Our companies made many interesting contacts and even placed orders! The combination of the different product segments of our brands at CHIC has been very well received by the visitors as concept store brand presentation. We want to improve our participation for next time and think at a larger DUTCH Pavilion – similar to the one from France, Italy, Germany.

Christ, Katharina Christ, Owner (German Pavilion):
Amongst others we could deepen at CHIC the contacts with Chinese customers, which we established at European fairs before. It helps us a lot that we are participating since three years at CHIC thus showing continuity in the market, which creates confidence among customers.

CHAFOR, Ferran Hofer, Designer / Partner (German Pavilion):
We have made good experiences with our first trade fair participation at CHIC. The exhibition is well organized, we were excited about the fashion show participation. We have realized about 90

CHIC 2016.03.16-18

contacts, of which 10-20 have been selected clients of shopping malls and department stores, who were already aware on our brand due to our shop opening in Qingdao. We definitely consider in the future to attend CHIC again.

Modee, Thomas Haeusler, Managing Director (German Pavilion):
Our participation at CHIC was an interesting experience. The Chinese market is certainly not easy, but there are niches offering good options for a market entry. Our goal is, to work with an agent in China. At CHIC we have already established 3-4 very interesting contacts in this direction. Of course it will take time to develop the contacts. The continuity to show up in the Chinese market is important, we are interested in participating again in October.

Roesch, Claire Thorneycroft, Export Manager (German Pavilion):
It is our first time at CHIC, the fair is well organized, offers visitors a good orientation with its clear structure. We have set the target to enlarge our distribution network. We had very good contacts, two of them were expressively interested in including our nightwear in their portfolio.

item m6, Mathias Schulz, Head of International Sales (German Pavilion):
Since 2014 we are in the Chinese market with our sister brand CEP. For the first time we have exhibited at CHIC with our other brand item m6. We came without any particular expectations, just wanted to see how our product item m6 is accepted in this market. The reaction was overwhelming positive. Our Chinese partner for CEP got such a positive feedback for item m6 that he wants to become himself also our representative for this brand. Actually, we were not yet prepared for item m6 for the Chinese market and wanted to use the fair results as a basis for or against a market entry. Well, our participation has paid off and so we want to exhibit again next March. The October event is too early for us, we need the preparation time until the spring event.

Naturana, Peter Hack, Export Manager (German Pavilion):
We are participating after 4 years’ interval for the second time at CHIC. Our expectation has been amended with the experience of the first trade fair that we do not expect any direct order, but that we will find here the right partners for the market. This time 5-6 potential serious contacts have been already established, a follow-up of all contacts is obviously essential. We welcomed also
CHIC 2016.03.16-18

customers, who already knew us from CHIC Beijing, but we spoke also to representatives of department stores, shopping malls, or even online platforms. I consider our trade fair participation this time positively and we use the trade fair also for a market analysis. The participation at CHIC in October is an option, but the presence of the German pavilion is a decisive criteria. A unique participation does not make any sense, it is necessary to demonstrate a continuous presence in the market.

VAUDE, Benedikt Sauter, Export Manager (German Pavilion):
CHIC is the right platform to get into contact with the fashion retail. We have made good experiences here, of course, the established contacts needed to be followed-up. For us, the presence in the German pavilion is the right place, here are those visitors coming, who are focused on searching German brands. The response to our collection is valuable for us, also in view of smaller retailers. We could gather at CHIC a lot of information about our product and got the confirmation that we have chosen the right price for the Chinese market. It was very valuable that we have been with our Chinese partner in the German Pavilion.

Gretchen, Georg Michael Schmitt, Owner (German Pavilion):
We are already represented with a partner in China whom we have met at our first participation at CHIC three years ago. We are exhibiting under the umbrella of the German pavilion to further promote our brand and to find more distribution partners. We have made 3-4 good contacts in this direction this time, which we are very satisfied about. Another important aspect for exhibiting here is to test our products in the market. Here we ascertain what is in demand for the Chinese customers and what does not work in China.

Maximo, Thomas Merk, CEO (German Pavilion):
We exhibited for the second time at CHIC, which is for me an outstanding exhibition platform. CHIC offers us the opportunity to make the necessary contacts, but at the same time to analyze the market and to test the response about our products. We had about 80 contacts here at the fair. If it turns out that two or three of them will become potential partners in the follow-up – we have achieved our goal. We have already dealt intensively with the topic of online sales in China and made market study trips here, but beside to the online business, offline presence is also very important, to provide the necessary service. As part of our expansion strategy, CHIC is a very important platform for us, we consider in addition to open an office here in China.

CHIC 2016.03.16-18

Roeckl, Sven Baxmann, Director Sales (German Pavilion):
It is our second time at CHIC , it is the trade fair where we get in touch with trading partners as well as cooperation partners. Our participation was very positive and we liked the organization of the German pavilion very much. We received 120 contacts at CHIC, traders, agents, as well as cooperation partners from China, Korea, the USA , and Japan visited our booth. The Chinese media asked for interviews and reported about our craftsmanship.

Paris Forever Gerard Roudine, Pavilion Organizer French Pavilion:
We are exhibiting at CHIC with French brands since many years, nearly from the first edition in 1993. This edition was by far the best we ever had. Most of our exhibitors are very satisfied with their participation. We are exhibiting also in October at CHIC.

La Moda Italiana (Italian Pavilion), Ente Moda Italia, Marisa Pizziolo, Marketing and Operation Manager:
We think highly of this CHIC edition. Due to the cooperation with Italian Trade Commission, we have welcomed more buyers this year coming at our pavilion. Many of these visitors showed their initial intention to start business cooperation with the Italian brands. It was effective for the Italian brands to attend CHIC, at this place they meet their prospective clientele such buyers who want to enlarge their portfolio of retail brands and multi-brand stores.

Mustafa Senocak, President Istanbul Leather and Leather Product Exporters’ Union (IDMIB):
As Istanbul Leather and Leather Product Exporters Union (İDMİB), we shall be participating to CHIC Shanghai 2016 fair for the 3rd time. In 2015, we had participated CHIC Fair with 10 companies, whereas this year, we are participating with 15 companies, corresponding to a 50% increase. As representing the Turkish leather sector, I believe that our interest in the CHIC fair shall continue to increase in the coming years.
Turkish products are well-admired in China thanks to their quality, sense of fashion and design. The Chinese market has an income level which can also appeal to leather apparel, ready-made garments and the footwear sectors. We expect that the number of footwear/shoe companies to attend the fair in the future years will increase. To ensure that the Turkish ready-made garment brands also contribute to the CHIC fair in the future years, we have commenced discussions both in China and Istanbul. We are planning to organize trade committee visits to several cities of China in addition to the CHIC fair.
CHIC 2016.03.16-18

We prefer CHIC fair, since it is one of the most important international fairs in China and also it is considered to be analogous to Turkish products in terms of product quality and product portfolio.
By granting controlled right of entrance due to excessive crowds of buyers during their visits to company booths, CHIC 2016 was realized with great success and with a participation much higher than anticipated.

Mehmet Ali Dinç, Owner of Doğu Deri (Perre), Turkish Pavilion:
We’re participating this fair for 5 years now, CHIC is an important fair for the companies which want to get involved in Chinese market. This fair is convenient for our production profile in terms of being visited by the buyers of chain markets and boutiques. We can also find buyers in different profiles here.

S. Ferzat Erdebil, Owner of Ferudun Kundura, Turkish Pavilion:
If the greatness, consumption rates and purchasing power of China are taken in account, the salability of high quality products as Turkish leather products seem possible. Because of being one of the most important fashion fair in China and having a national participation organization we place importance on CHIC and so we’re participating in the fair since three years.For Leather sector first session seems positive, we’d like to participate in the second session in the upcoming years, we like to be permanent in Chinese market.

Ou Limin, CEO, Peacebird/China:
We as Peacebird are long term exhibitors of CHIC and we are convinced that this is the essential business platform Chinese retail brands shall be. We received a lot of positive feedback, the visitor quality as well as the quantity was amazing and we succeeded in reaching our goals. The Chinese market becomes more and more sophisticated and we believe the future for us will lay in quality fashion for the growing middleclass in China. This time the key purpose was the promotion of our new collection WHAAM, a new cooperation between Ningbo Peacebird and Disney, targeting the young fashion market in China.

CHIC 2016.03.16-18

Semir Group, Mr. Liu, Business Development Manager of Semir/China:
Semir attended this CHIC to mainly promote their new brand GSON, which is positioned as fashion business style. I am very satisfied with the results Semir achieved at CHIC, since there were really the wanted visitors coming to our booth. In addition, with the booming of commercial real estates of China, new brands are quite demanded from the market, there are a lot of chances.

ShanShan, Mr. Guo, Assistant General Manager of Shanshan/China:
We were satisfied by joining CHIC this time. Shanshan was aimed to stress its new positioning – beyond Haute Couture, high-end business wear, Shanshan also determines to become the Chinese leading brand of fast fashion. From the match making success Shanshan received on CHIC, it is not difficult to tell that this new goal is quite convincing – there will be about 60 to 70 new Shanshan stores opened thanks to attending CHIC.

DANDE, Mr. Song, Operation Manager of DANDE/designer brand China: