PORTUGAL FASHION has presented Portuguese designers‘ collections for Spring/Summer 2017

PORTUGAL FASHION has presented Portuguese designers‘ collections for Spring/Summer 2017

PORTUGAL FASHION has presented Portuguese designers‘ collections for Spring/Summer 2017 with great success in Lisbon and Porto


  • The 39th edition of Portugal Fashion, held from 12 to 15 October 2016, has opted to promote young creators with an exclusive program that forms part of the „BLOOM“ Project aimed at new talents in fashion design.
  • The event kicked off at the Expo’98 Portugal Pavilion in Lisbon with fashion shows staged by Storytailors, Pedro Pedro, Alexandra Moura and Alves/Gonçalves.
  • The Portuguese Postal Services (CTT)Building, located next to Porto City Hall, hosted the program of catwalks devoted to new talents on the second day of the event held in Porto.
  • 10 „Bloom“ fashion shows offered a fashion and music program that encouraged a symbiotic relationship between the young fashion platform and other creative industries.
  • On 14 and 15 October, the Porto Customs House provided the setting for a catwalk program that brought together various up-and-coming names such as Susana Bettencourt and Hugo Costa, with companies as renowned as Miguel Vieira, Diogo Miranda, Luís Onofre, Elsa Barreto, Fátima Lopes and Carlos Gil.
  • The fashion industry also played a leading role at the event with labels such as Pé de Chumbo, Vicri, Ana Sousa, Dielmar and Lion of Porches displaying their true potential.
  • Katty Xiomara and Luís Buchinho opened the final catwalk day with shows at the Cruise Terminal at the Port of Leixões in Porto.

The 39th edition of “Portugal Fashion”, the most important catwalk in Portugal, began in Lisbon on 12 October 2016, in the Expo’98 Portuguese Pavilion and moved to Porto between 13 and 15 October. In Porto, the famous ‘Invincible City,’ the project created by ANFE, the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Portugal, introduced an innovation on this occasion with a special day and venue for „Bloom“ (the platform for new talent). Young designers unveiled their proposals in the building of the Portuguese Postal Services (CTT) on Thursday 13 October, maintaining the policy of free access.

The program continued in the Alfándega (Old Porto Customs House), an iconic building that represents the heart of the event. For their part, Luis Xiomara and Katty Buchinho showed their collections on the catwalk at the Cruise Terminal of the Port of Leixões at the beginning of the final day.

After a stint in New York, London, Milan and Paris, designers from „Portugal Fashion“ have returned to Portugal to present their Spring-Summer 2017 collections. With an increasingly global positioning, at this edition the event has proved to be one of the most dynamic platforms for the promotion of new names on the fashion circuit. One international initiative consisted of a new development at „Bloom,” which showed clear signs of evolution in its native country with its own program, one in which catwalks and fashion performances are combined with other creative activities, producing synergies that seek to introduce young designers to buyers, investors, the press and other specialized targets, both national and international.

Up-and-coming designers such as Eduardo Amorim and Pedro Neto and labels such as UN T and KLAR shared the catwalk with the most recent winners of the Bloom Competition, making up a program of fashion shows that culminated in style with a party in the same setting provided by the Alfandega in Porto. The next day, the Post Office Building also hosted the presentations of a number of final-year students from different fashion schools, in particular, from the School of Arts and Design (ESAD), Porto School of Fashion (EMP) and Motatex.

The „Bloom“ project was created by „Portugal Fashion“ at its 27th edition in 2010, with the aim of supporting, promoting and recognizing the value of young Portuguese creators at a national and international level. In English „Bloom“ means to flourish, to glow… Moreover, this is precisely the creative spirit that the fashion lecturer and designer, Miguel Flor, uses to coordinate the „Bloom“ Project. Flor is responsible for the selection of designers, supporting his project assistants and defining the overall conception of the fashion shows. Since its creation, „Bloom“ has already enabled 34 young designers and 6 new fashion labels to present their collections on an alternative catwalk with regard to the main event.


Hibu was the only „Bloom“ catwalk staged outside the Portuguese Postal Services Building, ensuring the representation of new talents at the opening of the 39th edition of the event in Lisbon. In the Expo’98 Portuguese Pavilion, the schedule began with the couple known as Storytailors, who were followed by a presentation of the collections for Spring-Summer 2017 from Pedro Pedro and Alexandra Moura, fresh from London and Milan Fashions Weeks, respectively, where they enjoyed the support of „Portugal Fashion.“ The first day of the event concluded with a fashion show by the legendary duo, Alves/Gonçalves.
On 14 and 15 October, after the innovative „Bloom“ day, Portugal Fashion turned the spotlight onto designer fashion, without denying various major Portuguese labels the opportunity to present their most commercial lines to the public attending the event.

Thus, at the Alfandega (Porto Customs House), the epicenter of the event throughout its duration, the preview of fashion ideas for next Spring-Summer Season began with Susana Bettencourt, Carla Pontes and Estelita Mendonça, names that are becoming increasingly well-known at an international level. Júlio Torcato, Anabela Baldaque, Hugo Costa, Diogo Miranda, Luís Onofre and Miguel Vieira completed the program, while Elsa Barreto, Fátima Lopes and Carlos Gil presented their collections the following day. During this last day of the PORTUGAL FASHION program, various commercial labels also entered the catwalk, first with the shoe designer group and then with fashion shows staged by Pé de Chumbo, Vicri, Ana Sousa, Dielmar and Lion of Porches. One of the highlights of 15 October was the midday session featuring shows by Katty Xiomara and Luís Buchinho at the Cruise Terminal at the Port of Leixões in Porto.

„Portugal Fashion 2015-2017“, a project organized by ANJE, the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Portugal, and developed in collaboration with the ATP, the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, is co-funded by „Portugal 2020“,  within the scope of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program, based on financing provided by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.


PORTUGAL FASHION, Press Release, 17 OCTOBER 2016





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