Discover Armée des Sens, our new Confidential Collection

Discover Armée des Sens, our new Confidential Collection

New Collection : Armée des Sens
image1In his newest collection, Armée des Sens, Monsieur le Français masters the art of contrasts, using black lace and profound red.

Undeniably designed and based on strong military inspirations, the lingerie pieces will dress up the rebel while revealing her secrets.

By day or night, Armée des Sens will become the uniform of each dauntless’ spirit.
To call to order any insurgent glimpse, buttonholes and epaulets adorn all «dessus-dessous» pieces.


This erotically cabaret collection stands out as an invitation to pleasure and allegiance!
Meet the Muse.

Sculptural in her fitted lace uniform, her heels click in military step.
She’s beautiful and imperious : hushing with one single glance even the slightest notion of mutiny.
Don’t be fooled by her costume. Her iron hand in a velvet glove rules unchallenged and she lines up her conquests, promising each of her loyal warrior much more than the bliss of victory : a night of complete devotion and carnal passion.

Eager to prove their allegiance, her soldiers gather round instantly and, without ever looking back, join her army of the senses.

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Charm him
into obedience
at first sight.