CHIC Shanghai (Spring) March 15 to 17, 2017

CHIC Shanghai (Spring) March 15 to 17, 2017

Innovations and inspirations lead to a growing number of visitors

Totally 108,164 trade visitors from 70 regions and nations

1,213 exhibitors, thereof 400 from 21 nations and regions outside China,  presented their new collections from March 15 to 17, 2017 at CHIC Shanghai (Spring), Asia’s leading fashion trade show. The area of CHIC covered 107,200 sqm at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. Totally 108,164 trade visitors have been registered at the fair, among them leading department stores, shopping malls, increasingly multi brand stores and concept stores, but also agents and importers. The special focus was given to innovations and inspiration. ‚To be different’ – looking different than others remains one of the most important claims for the fashion conscious Chinese consumers. A special approach is given to millennials, young people with extraordinary passion for shopping – irrespective of whether digital or analogue.

Chen Dapeng, head of CHIC and president of China National Garment Association, underlines: ‚Prime importance in the fashion and textile industry is given to technical developments, also in view of increasing labour costs. New designs increase demand and incite desire; fashion enriches cultural diversity. A special demand is given to ecological fashion with high fashion level. And lastly, no more brand image defines the success, but the combination and relationship of individual design, quality and price.’

Most of the expert visitors use their visit of the fair to look for new ideas and fresh impulses. The retail market in China is still growing. In 2016 the market noted an increase of 6,8 % in the stationary trade and even 18,6 % in online shopping compared to the year before. For 2017 a growth of 10 % will be expected. Among the visitors, CHIC registered this year many European department stores which have expanded to China such as House of Fraser or Folli Follie New Concept Store Hong Kong. An excellent international platform is offering Ms. Huang Zhaohui from Worldlink (Tianjin) International Trading Co. LTd. who is selling via her own multi brand stores and parallel at online business platforms.  Proudly she announced: „In May we are going to open our latest multi brand store in Hangzhou. At CHIC we found many international labels we would like to introduce to the Chinese market. Their style, quality and price level meets the demand of the Chinese consumer. We are looking forward to co-operating with these brands and are very confident about their successful market entry.’ But also ecological fashion was demanded: one of the main protagonists is ‘Icicle’ who disposes of 200 shops in China.

The visitors’ structure showed as strongest group at CHIC shopping malls, directly followed by department stores like Da Shang, Wanda Plaza, Zhen Hua, Gui He of Shandong province, Shou Chuang, multi brand stores like The Mix Place, DONG LIANG, The Fashion Door, Style We, concept stores and boutiques. All important online portals such as Alibaba with TMall, Taobao, amazon, mingxingyichu, mogujie, etc. showed up at CHIC. The e-commerce platform presented itself in an own booth at CHIC.

New Product Worlds

Special interest registered the company Saint Andrew (Baoxiniao) who presented innovation via intelligent clouds. This new system enables customers to develop their own style and to have it afterwards produced as individual piece. Further highly developed technical enterprises introduced their innovation such as Zhaonai, Huayu, Xindashun, PESCALL or Liburui.

The renowned retail brand RUYI – who has among others also the majority stake in the German menswear Peine Group – impressed with a spectacular performance of their new menswear collection. A very aesthetic appeal expressed also the womenswear. Elaborated embroideries showed Mingrui from Guangdong which contrasted to young designers’ collections in the area IMPULSES with cool and unconventional styles.

To an international voyage invited the area Fashion Journey with international pavilions and individual participation. France, Italy (biggest of the international pavilions), Germany, Hong Kong, South Korea showed flag, but also smaller individual participations contributed to diversity in fashion coming from Great Britain, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Japan or India who used the trade show platform to expand their market activities in China. One of the first time exhibitors was Daniel Hechter who presented here its latest collection.

As in the past, Turkey participated in HERITAGE (leatherwear section) and presented its high end leatherwear, fur and shoe companies.

A new performance was given by an international leather handbags exhibition where around 40 exhibitors showed their new collections. Among them were Calvin Klein, Hello Kitty, National Geographic, Travelbox.

Events during CHIC

CHIC as service platform assists international participants by realizing special activities such as match-makings. The China Fashion Business Forum (Spring) devoted its topics to optimizing supply chains and accessing to cloud-intelligent manufacturing. But also trend seminars belonged to the program. A special highlight was the 25 brand fashion shows which enabled visitors to get an overall idea on new brands and new trends.

At the same time and same location further trade shows took place: Intertextile, China International Trade Fair for Textiles and Accessories, Yarn Expo and PH Value. This parallelism is possible due to the enormous size of the fairground with over 400,000 sqm indoor.

Next dates:            October 2017, 11-13

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