• Her collection for Spring/Summer 2019, „SANGER COLLECTION“, was presented at a fashion show on the catwalk in Barcelona on April, 26th
  • The designer Esther Noriega has bet towards her presence at the „BARCELONA BRIDAL FASHION WEEK“ as a positive project for her planning regarding international commercial development

Esther Noriega is one of the Spanish fashion designers of greatest charisma and commercial success in recent years. Her designs are mainly based on the fashion for ceremony, party and events and are orientated to a woman who whishes to shine in each event by her elegance and originality,

This young designer, based in Valladolid, has participated until 2017 on the last 5 editions at the catwalk of the most important fashion event in Spain, the “Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid”. At this moment, Esther Noriega has decided to show her collection, for the first time, at the catwalk “Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week” (Fair of Barcelona, 23rd-26th April 2018), the largest bridal and party fashion event in Spain and one of the leading events for the industry worldwide. This means a turning point towards the strategy of the presentation of her collections, giving now special importance of a main fashion show, once a year, at a platform which is specifically orientated to party and wedding fashion and which has a great commercial and international projection.

On this way, Esther Noriega presented on the 26th of April in a fashion show at the BBFW catwalk her “SANGER Collection” for Spring/Summer 2019, showing very feminine party dresses and receiving strong applauses from all the attendants, international buyers and plenty of journalists from Spain and from abroad.

The first fashion show of ESTHER NORIEGA at the BBFW presented a spectacular collection in which each dress represented a unique story. From the most elegant, classical and feminine lines to the game of young and flirtatious lines. A broad chromatic palette from the light pastel shades to the strongest tones, so called VIVID COLORS: The “Sanger Collection“ boasts all the colors of the sunset, embellishing a collection that is full of delicate and pulsating shades such as yellow, gold, pink in different tones, mint green, coral, magenta, red, purple and dark blue.

Following Esther Noriega´s statement, this collection is inspired by the sunsets that can be seen from Peñafiel Castle (Valladolid), where the light effects of the sun’s rays recall subtle shades of champagne, the same colors employed in the collection for next season: SANGER COLLECTION. Sunsets and champagne are the perfect tandem for a delicate, subtile, elegant and sensual collection, one created through a handcrafted process based on exquisite attention to detail.

The day-wear ideas from the „Sanger Collection“ consist of short dresses and crêpe jumpsuits in soft tones such as yellow, mint green and pink; mini dresses in embroidered tulle and sequins, dresses in guipure and satin … garments that envelop and enrich the feminine silhouette and leave a trail of fabric when the garment is in movement.



For evening-wear, the collection offered long dresses, featuring a wide variety of shapes and fabrics: crêpe, gauze, lace, embroidered tulle, sequins, satin, silk tulle, organza, mikado… elegant and deliberately feminine dresses, where the body and beauty of the woman is enhanced. We came across asymmetrical, heart-shaped or V-shaped necklines, from the most classic to the most daring, that enhance the wearer’s sensuality and elegance. These couture models are designed for women to dance in the moonlight and whisper sweet nothings by candlelight, creations in which seductive transparencies prevail. The shades employed for the evening gained in intensity: coral, red, purple and dark blue.


METICULOUS DETAILS: For this season the highlights included feathers, embroidered and beaded tulle and handmade petals that decorate and give volume to the necklines and straps and give a special touch to the long party dresses.


In the words of Esther Noriega herself regarding her inspiration for the „SANGER COLLECTION”: I love sunsets … when I look for inspiration I like to lose myself in time and go to see sunsets. I have several favorite places in Valladolid, and one of them is the top of the hill where the iconic Peñafiel Castle is located. From there you can see some truly breath-taking sunsets. A special light is created and the views are wonderful: the entire horizon is full of vineyards.

Watching the sunset, I lose myself in its colors … magical tones that envelop me … the golden rays of sun immerse me in Sanger champagne … in its smell … in its flavor … and I realize that I already have the perfect inspiration for a collection of cocktail dresses, party dresses and evening-wear: SANGER. And the colors of the sunset that I can see from Peñafiel Castle make this combination of champagne and sunsets, one of the ideas for my collection for the upcoming Spring-Summer Season 2019. Dresses for unforgettable days, days where there is always something to celebrate and something to toast. Because SANGER is much more than just champagne: it is pure elegance. The pairing of the countryside surrounding Peñafiel Castle (a veritable tourist gem of Valladolid) with the „SANGER“ vineyards, the colors, the sunlight and the backlighting of the vineyards, inspired this collection full of touches of light, subtle hues and summer flavors”.




A significant added-value dimension: at the catwalk we could see the participation of Paola Torres, a good friend of Esther Noriega’s. She acted as a model in the fashion show. This 28-year-old girl has Down’s syndrome. This does not prevent her from being a fashion lover. She has managed to create her own blog and has made a significant contribution to the world of fashion (http.//viapaolablog.blogspot.com.es/). After having previously performed at several Esther Noriega events, Paola Torres participated on the cast of international top models on April 26, proving that fashion is, luckily, open to all people.


Other wonderful accessories complemented this collection: Spectacular jewelry by Eugenio Lumbreras, which provided light and blent perfectly with the collection. Delicate hats and head-wear by the milliner, Berta Miró. And the shoes were signed by the firm, Ana Marttin, featuring „Sanger champagne”-colored sandals.


All details were carefully planned by the designer Esther Noriega, so that the music had been specially created for the show on 26th April in Barcelona by the musician, Rodrigo Tamariz, who collaborated once again with Esther Noriega by composing the Original Soundtrack that accompanied the show. This exclusive music paid homage to the handcrafted and creative approach employed by Esther Noriega, combining all of her images, her sunsets and her eternally feminine voice with the multiple colors that embellish her palette. Presenting a fairy kingdom in valleys of golden vineyards … just like „Sanger.”




On the other hand, the collection was also present at her own stand at the fair „Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week“ (Professional Trade Fair), which was visited, from the 27th until the 29th of April, by many international buyers who showed their interest on Esther Noriega´s collection.

Undoubtedly, the presence of Esther Noriega in April 2018 at BARCELONA BRIDAL FASHION WEEK and her participation in the fashion shows provided a significant boost for the favorable international expansion that the brand is experiencing, based on some excellent results in the Netherlands, the Benelux countries and other international markets.


Esther Noriega is not just a fashion designer, but a personal brand based on the concept of a contemporary atelier that creates handcrafted seasonal collections, featuring design styles for a young and discerning woman.

Esther Noriega has studied at the best design schools in Madrid and Barcelona, having worked hand in hand with major fashion firms such as Pronovias, Amaya Arzuaga and Petro Valverde. In the year 2005 Esther Noriega founded her own brand in Valladolid, where she has created her own atelier at an emblematic venue in this Castilian city. Her brand is synonymous with femininity and elegance, an approach that has been repeatedly applauded by the specialized media. At her own atelier in the city of Valladolid, this creator designs exclusive models for contemporary women. Her essential appeal, based on highlighting the natural beauty of the female figure, ensures that every woman who wears her brand feels unique and special. Through her tailored and personalized approach, Esther Noriega is able to use her experience and the best raw materials to create a series of fabulous dresses.

The designer has taken part at the „Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid“ catwalk over a period of five years, to considerable acclaim from the fashion press. This young creator stands out as a representative of the new „prêt-à-porter couture,“ combining her experience and knowledge of the latest trends with a very contemporary fashion dialogue, reflected in „capsule collections“ that enjoy a high degree of exclusivity.


Esther Noriega creates styles defined by their contemporary elegance, full of avant-garde details. Her fabrics invoke a sense of luxury, some especially woven and many others printed exclusively for her, which she combines with drapes, moulage, pattern design, embroidery and textile ornaments or hand-stitched crystals, not to mention laser cuts. In short, she offers a unique mix of atelier techniques and handcrafted effects in order to produce seasonal collections with the style signature of Esther Noriega. Esther Noriega’s fashion creations often star in fashion editorials and her fashion brand is frequently cited in the main fashion media.

Numerous actresses and celebrities trust in Esther Noriega in order to wow their admirers when they attend important galas and leading red carpet events. Her fans include everyone from the charismatic Paris Hilton to the international top model, Nieves Álvarez, including leading actresses such as Eva Marciel, Melina Matthews, Marta Hazas, Nerea Camacho and many others.





Press Release – Madrid, April 29th, 2018EPICENTRIC p.r.