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A N D R E A B O U Ñ Ñ • F A S H I O N D E S I G N E R

Woman Collection
– New designs and development proposals
– CAD and technical sheets for new developments
– Being up to date on trends, fashion brands, and general
fashion news
– Trend research and analysis to accurately adapt collections
to current trends and market needs
– Moodboards
– Research and selection of fabrics for each new development
– Direct contact with international and national suppliers
– Review of each step of the process from drawing to garment
to ensure quality
– Team work to ensure better communication and better results
– Cantera Project
– Development of Ramadán Collections for Arabic Countries
– Development of GYM Collection
– Some of my design proposal at Knitwear & Accesories department
were selected for purchase and sold in stores and online.
– Design development
– Sewing and making garments
– Embroideries on garments
– Official fittings on models
– Backstage organization before runway at 080 Barcelona

LCI Barcelona – FD Moda