Modern “I do“ sayers just feel like staging
For quite some time the modern groom has no longer been content with playing a minor part next to his bride-elect. On his big day he, too, more often banks on a professional styling, from his hair to his beard and a light make-up. Everything has to be authentic and, of course, match his suit.

This centrepiece is supposed to underline his personality and at the same time blend in with the bridal dress. With the help of WILVORST this challenge is easily solved. The After Six collection offers many options for an individual look. The new collection features established and innovative ideas which merge into a nice and up to date style.

New fabrics and innovative style elements bring a breathe of fresh air to the fashion for grooms. Slim silhouettes for the jackets are still trendy. Two-button styles maintain their top position but younger one-button variants are a good choice as well. Avant-gardists may look forward to a new three-button jacket. The lapels are partly set higher, slimmer and finer. In addition, new and somewhat fuller styles provide for a change.
The look gets even more thrilling thanks to some exciting details such as AMF stitchings, different sorts of trims on the lapels, slim pipings, various inserted pin-tucks and novel varieties of welt and flap pockets.
Waistcoats have become a must-have for wedding suits and the festive appearance in general. Interpreted in a young and modern manner they render the outfit even more stylish. Worn solo they mark the new ease and nonchalance which are so trendy for weddings these days.

The new cloths stand for quality and high wearing comfort. They provide for a feel-good atmosphere on the happiest day of life. Simultaneously, they convince with their young and brilliant appearance. Fine textures, minimals as well as restrained and small patterns allow for exciting interpretations. Restrained and plain-coloured and micro patterns are important and they push back stripes a
little bit. The new, minimal, tone on tone jacquards are cool and subtle. A restrained shine underlines their excellent quality. As far as the materials are concerned wool combined with innovative fibres stays predominant.

Blue perfectly matches the up to date shades of the wedding dresses and is now the very colour for wedding suits. Brown is classy in darker and medium nuances. In addition to black as the classic colour grey is getting more and more popular. Refreshingly different and modern are
combinations with shades of champagne, mother-of-pearl and ecru.

Do you want to take chances, express yourself with a fashionable but pleasant self-consciousness? No problem with TZIACCO! The new menswear of festive wear made by WILVORST enables you to express yourself in your own special way. Exclusive fabrics together with innovative styling ideas result in an unmistakable look for men who want to show that they have a good taste and stand out from the mainstream. The collection is divided into the ranges Royal and wedding avant-garde. Suits from the Royal range are just right for all regal moments in life. This collection presents fascinating and historical looks in an up to date remake. Focus is set on extravagant frockcoats with the style-setting box pleat in the back. Worn together with a waistcoat, cravat and “royal” trousers they stand for a sovereign styling of outstanding elegance.

Very expressive jacquard fabrics which have been especially designed for TZIACCO ennoble the character of the looks. Innovative patterns in silver with blue or blue with brown recall the rococo era but at the same time they are fresh, modern and very festive. The suits of the range wedding avant-garde with the young Trend Line silhouette also play in the premier league of fashion. Côtelé stripes and graphic minimal patterns such as diamonds or pinpoints in woolen blends mark the appearance. You will also see more and more elegant jacquard motifs which results in shifting visual boundaries between the ranges Trend Line and Royal. Blue strikes the right chord. Grey nuances are a big issue, too. Both colours look gorgeous together with white or cream-coloured wedding dresses. Black and moka remain the classics. Mixed together in new and fancy jacquard motifs they even advance to fashionable highlights of the TZIACCO Royal range.

The waistcoats provide for the final touch. With 24 styles TZIACCO leaves room for your individual styling. With waistcoats perfectly matching the jackets suits get trendy three-piece outfits. Decorative waistcoats set special accents with blue, brown, cream and silver being the most important colours. Those who like a change will be thrilled by the new reversible waistcoat. Matching cravats, shirts as well as a slim tie make a comprehensive wedding dress package for the groom.
Herford, 2015-01-22

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