VICUNHA • Autumn/Winter 2016/17

VICUNHA • Autumn/Winter 2016/17


Return to the European Trade Fairs! That is the main topic for the Autumn/Winter

2016/2017 season at VICUNHA:
“Our return to the Munich Fabric Start was a complete success. Our wellpositioned
merchandising concept with branches spread over Europe and Asia
notwithstanding, trade fairs bring a fresh impetus to the fashion seasons. We
have come to realise this and will hence come back in September.”

Thomas Dislich
Director for Europe and Asia
And so the denim label in an aptly „buoyant mood“ gets into preparations for its visit to DENIM by PREMIERE VISION in Barcelona, on the 27th and 28th May 2015. „In these past
few years we have invested about 600 m USD in our Brazilian factories and for their ultra modern technologies. The last couple of months has seen strong devaluation of the Brazilian Real against the dollar. A weak Real gives our products a greater competitive edge
overseas. This has all made it very attractive once again and makes it precisely the right time
to take in trade fairs“ says Thomas Dislich, who is particularly delighted with Brazil’s role as
host to the Olympic games of 2016 and related mega events at VICUNHA’s home turf.

News on the Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 Collection
Clean and cool are the buzz words! Not just as the time-honoured leitmotif in matters of
sustainability, eco-conservation, service and social responsibility but also as an expression of
the collection itself. Besides authentic denims, it is comfort qualities above all that are at the

PERFECT FIT, with its Beverly or Bruna for instance, pulls off a perfect blend of
technological advancement and fashion superbly. A high-performance denim with
exceptional flexibility for unrestricted mobility and wearing comfort. For men and women who
demand versatility and adore perfect fits.

A Golf or Sailing come visually with a distinctive look that feels and fits like jogging wear:
jeans on the outside and the comfort of a workout gear inside. 76% stretch provides
incredibly unrestricted movement and allows for a wide range of wash options.

With Gregory or Jon the authentic jean makes a definitive comeback in genuine vintage and
raw effects.

Qualities such as Ink hold out the wide palette of the TRANSFORMING DENIM: it all
depends on the shading and degree of the chemical reaction! Coloured materials coated
beforehand with indigo when subjected to the washing process let the original colour beneath

the indigo shine through once again, creating unique and exciting 3D effects. The depth of
shading is contingent on the extent of treatment. The outcome: exclusive single copies!

The premium products Marina, Meg or New Tessa of the MOVE SUPER STRETCH variety
are made dynamic with e.g. 60 % Power Stretch and 40 % Mega Super/Ultra Stretch. Ideal
for high-fashion products with superb wearing comfort and complete form stability.

SHIRTING qualities with, say, an Yves are an integral part of the collection for denims and  flats with a soft, silky feel and partially with soft coatings.

VICUNHA’s own heritage items, like Blaine, that comprise the core competence of the company are constantly re-defined, developed and reprinted as the eternal sales highlights.
Dusseldorf, April 2015

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