STRONG STYLES, GREAT FEEL-GOOD FACTOR – NEW FASHIONS FOR EVEN MORE LUST FOR LIFE New surfaces, new cuts, new material mixes and an array of functions – ultra-comfortable fashion will make the new bugatti collection an exquisite experience. High-tech solutions like Outlast Spherix
technology or the Flexcity range will enrich the selection and even bring their strengths into play in women’s jackets.

The material mix will create new dynamism, in jackets, suit jackets and sweaters alike. Jersey fabrics will establish themselves in both outdoor jackets and suit jackets. Innovative coatings with fantastic effects and 3D wool looks bring variety to the trouser range. Denim will continue its success story when it comes to trousers and shirts.

In business fashion, new details, such as bold collars or fashionable patterns, will lend a touch of freshness. Teamed with the new vests, suits and suit jackets will become even more stylish. The signs are pointing towards more neutral colours. Overall, medium and dark shades predominate. The trend is towards more earthy transitions, rather than loud contrasts.

The new comfort mix from bugatti is sure to deliver some surprises this coming winter. Jackets featuring a wide array of material combinations offer a new and exciting look. Nylon combined with cotton, faux fur and leather creates stylish highlights. The silhouettes are slim and modern, yet the
jackets offer a comfortable fit. Light quilting will still be a must-have in the coming autumn. Whether nylon or polyester, micro patterning, techno down, Outlast or Real Down – the variety leaves plenty of scope for individual style.

Fashion and function? bugatti offers both, in top form! Jackets with innovative features are perfectly tailored to the requirements of active and fashion-conscious men. Flexcity models featuring highperformance stretch are especially popular. Although close-fitting, they’re not restrictive. A major plus!

bugatti also has a solution to combat changes in temperature: the heat-regulating Outlast Spherix technology. The innovative blend of PCM viscose fibres and polyester balls ensures dynamic temperature control. This extra comfort enhances five jacket styles at once, from feather-light outer quilting in a husky look, to parkas, right through to city-style inner quilting versions.
The ever-popular Gore-Tex and Windstopper are fashionably reinterpreted. The spectrum ranges from urban chic in wool with cashmere, to progressive wool looks with reflector and neoprene applications.


Modern, cool and slightly longer again: the bugatti winter 2015 coat collection. An elegant and sporty look is all the rage. Thanks to additional functions and comfortable fits, the coats will soon become genuine favourites!

Everyone is sure to find the perfect partner for their style: the models range from more traditional wool forms and casual standing collars, to parkas, right through to taglio vivo looks, all interpreted in an on-trend and sporty way. Overall, somewhat longer styles are back in the picture, though shorter forms are also still in fashion.

Unbeatably comfortable, chic and interesting: with these attributes, jersey coats have conquered the men’s world and shaken off their exotic status for good. In the wool segment, multi-coloured, small patterns provide variety. Quilted coats are also a good choice. Water-repellent nylon blends are just as hot as velours styles or stretch wool qualities.

And bugatti coats have even more to offer: a wide array of functions mean that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Cool stretch models from the Flexcity selection offer perfect freedom to move, Outlast regulates heat, Gore-Tex ensures water-proofness, the Air series and Real Down series are
all about lightness and insulation. And because the weather is increasingly volatile, bugatti now offers more coats with removable lining for men.

Show your style, take three! This winter, vests will be the preferred companion to suits. The vest makes an impression and makes a suit complete. Two-button suit jackets and close-fitting trousers underline the elegance of these modern three-piece suits. In terms of colours, black will defend its leading position. Next to this, various shades of grey and blue have good chances. Brown too has its place. Patterns lend variety to the current range of fabrics, with attractive, wintery character.

The suit jacket trend this coming winter will be marked by urban sportiness. Important to note: teamed with a vest, suit jackets become a hot statement. The colour palette ranges from grey and blue shades, to beiges and browns, right through to black.

The new jersey suit jackets are increasingly popular. The beauty of these lies in their blend of elegance and comfort. The new hybrid suit jacket is also impressive, both in design and function. Thanks to its versatility, it can quickly switch over to a different weather mode. The winter look is all
about a creative material mix. Nylon quilting coupled with knitwear or imitation leather with jersey allow for youthful and individual styles. These work in perfect harmony with modern fabrics, such as wool looks with a 3D vibe, light tweeds or nylon quilting.

Rugged knitwear for men: half-zip mockneck sweaters, rollneck jumpers and zip-up sweaters will show off their new styles next winter, with loose stitching, exciting knitting patterns and interesting structures. The result: an impressive, authentic and on-trend look. Elaborate rice grain patterns, double-face knits, jacquards and tuck stitch patterns will come on the scene in attractive new editions and symbolise a cool and casual lifestyle. Colours will be more reserved, with the focus on calm earth tones. Subtle details, like neck tapes or striking ornamental stitches, will deliver the fashionable kick.

A fashion upgrade for sweaters: next season will see these reinterpreted and building on their iconic status. Exciting material combinations, including jersey with edging made from perforated nylon applications or neoprene, will deliver surprising effects and a new look. Overall, the appearance is
much cleaner; badges and embroidery are on the way out. New types of zip, sporty stitching and lively surface prints are the mark of modern and cool casualness.

Checks and denim – these are the two top trends for casual shirts this coming winter. Checks are still a fashion essential, but the trend is more towards large checks than small checks. New washes, such as moon-washed or acid-washed, lend the range a new look. The denim success story continues with attractive grey and black alternatives to the popular blue denim shirt.

City shirts are about to get hot under the collar: whether an open Kent or extreme cutaway collar, it has to be the height of fashion and impossible to ignore. With a first-class fit, men are guaranteed to make a stylish entrance. That certain something is added by subtle structures, such as two-colour
herringbone or twill patterns, refreshingly combined with colourful details like braiding or edging. One of the hot styles right now is minimal prints, from simple dots, to Paisleys, to oversized flowers.

Urban, smart, chic: the new business trousers from bugatti are the perfect basis for a stylish appearance. Neutral greys and taupes, as well as gentle marine with black-covered effects are very much in trend. The innovative Flexcity trousers with Powerstretch fabric in a range of upmarket models offer a whole new level of freedom to move. Matte fabrics with shine effects appear technically sophisticated and avant-garde, while the jersey fabric with a fleece reverse exudes smartness.

Denim is and will remain a favourite. New coatings create fantastic matte looks or shiny effects, making the new jeans a classy highlight in any wardrobe. In the modern wool look, retro-style yarns, retro ornamental patterns and new wool blends with cotton and cashmere create a strong appearance. Checks are also back. The new soft chinos are the ultimate fashion item and eye-catcher, thanks to striking features in the lining, the leather label and attractive buttons.

In the casual range, five-pocket trousers in a variety of models are the No. 1 style. The colours are more reserved. Warm leather colours, for instance rust, saffron, gold and earth, are in vogue. Violet and hydrangea accents also come into play.

No more shivering, no more sweating: the new bugatti quilted jackets with heat-regulating Sperix Outlast technology simply balance out changes in temperature. And it gets even better: these innovative, feel-good models also look absolutely stunning! Close-fitting jackets featuring bugatti Flexcity are even more fun to wear. Thanks to high-performance stretch, the jackets are not restrictive – everything sits perfectly, giving you a style that’s
bang on trend and a feeling of comfort all over.

Knitwear and jersey, the newcomers in the outdoor segment, will also storm the fashion charts this coming season. Whether cape forms in bouclé and new jacquard designs or knitted coats in a wealth of varieties – there are lots of wonderful items to discover. The new look is characterised by the material mix, new silhouettes and lavish collars. The models also boast functional inner features and are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Parkas are now much cleaner and more urban, but casualness is still the clincher. And when it comes to down quilted coats, there is plenty of variety to look forward to, thanks to asymmetrical cuts, exciting hoods and collars, and the material mix.

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